Danza tribale


Tribal Dance (2020) oil on canvas, 40×50

Portrait of tribal dancers with mixed technique online sale

A tribute to my origins: black blood flows in my veins, my ancestors came from Africa, but Indian and European blood also flows. Music and rhythm modulate my muscles: I love dance and I paint it thinking that one day we can all be accepted and respected without looking at the color of our skin.
All’interno di questo ritratto cerco di mostrare l’energia e la bellezza delle tradizionali danze tribali. Questa opera rappresenta uno dei miei lavori più significativi, in quanto rappresenta non solo un’espressione artistica, ma anche un tributo alla cultura ed alla spiritualità dei popoli tribali.
Within this portrait I try to show the energy and beauty of traditional tribal dances. This work represents one of my most significant works, as it represents not only an artistic expression, but also a tribute to the culture and spirituality of tribal peoples.


Tribal dance is an ancient art form, rich in symbolism and meaning. It is a way for communities to express their cultural identity, their stories and their connection to nature and the divine. I chose to portray a dancer in a moment of pure expressiveness, capturing the intensity and passion of her movement.
Using mixed media, I was able to explore a variety of materials and techniques to bring this vision to life. The base of the painting is made with acrylics, which allows me to create a vibrant and colorful background. I chose earthy, warm tones, inspired by nature and primordial elements, to evoke a sense of rootedness and connection to the earth.
The objective of this painting is to bring out the expressive power of tribal dance, transmitting the emotion and spirituality of this ritual to the public. I want those who look at the painting to hear the music, perceive the rhythm and be transported to a world of traditions and culture.

If this work manages to evoke strong emotions in you, do not hesitate to contact me for further information and details.