“Between masks and mimosas” 2-6 March 2019, Galleria De Marchi, Bologna

Mar 1, 2019 | Exhibitions

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Magaly Arocha participated in this event together with twenty other artists who exhibited works of any expressive  language. It was a celebration of paintings, photos, sculptures… and mimosas. The painter exhibited four of her works: “Ballando a Times Square”, “In posa”, “Senza titolo” e “Madre Natura”.

Sandra Zanotti Kruft, wife of Maestro Gilbert Kruft, also wanted to take part in the exhibition on 8 March, the Women’s Day, presenting a sculpture of her husband. The large bronze (“Love song”) placed in the center of the gallery was surrounded by the paintings of 21 artists who exhibited works of every artistic language.

Magaly Arocha

The artists who took part:
Carmellina Arestia, Magaly Arocha Rivas, Meme Baccolini, Renata Ballestri, Grazia Barbieri, Nik Boini, Maria Grazia Fortini, Stefano Guzzetti, Simone Habert, Cristina Julei, Andrea Marino, Antonella Pecoraro, Egle Pierini, Tina Preti, Anna Romeo, Alessandro Tirelli, Monica Tirelli, Marinella Tonelli, Renato Verrengia, Giovanna Verri

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