“Clausura nell’arte”, 12-17 June 2019, Spazio Arte Tolomeo Milano.

Jun 12, 2019 | Exhibitions

Exhibition “Clausura nell’arte”, Spazio Arte Tolomeo, from 12 to 17 June 2019, Milan, organized by Art Space.

The inauguration was attended by Guido Andrea Pautasso an expert in the artistic avant-garde of the twentieth century, underground counterculture and vampirism in Italian literature.

The spiritual and religious retreat of the cloister has been artistically represented by thirty young painters and sculptors of international provenience. The artists have created their works starting from their own ”cloister”, that is the private and intimate moment of art creation. It is not necessary that the solitude is real, because the artists, to represent their emotions, , are able to isolate themselves even among people, responding to their creative need. A monk and an artist are similar: the artist creates his works by putting himself in “seclusion” and art becomes the object of his meditation, with which he is able to give life to his emotions and thoughts. In some cases, on the other hand, the artist does not choose to be cloistered but finds himself unwillingly for various reasons: perhaps for the society around him, perhaps because he feels inadequate, or perhaps for personal reasons, and discovers an escape route in art. By painting, modelling a sculpture he can vent himself and feel more “free”.

The artist Magaly Arocha attended with the painting “Churum Merum Merù”, which was awarded.

It is the highest waterfall in the world (about 900 meters) and is located in Venezuela, in the middle of the forest. The artist has given more light and colour, showing the rocks in all their beauty and giving the water an almost impalpable, smoky, suffering consistency, which nevertheless ends its long run with a rainbow, symbol of peace, of calm after a storm, of quiet, that is everything Venezuela is looking for, but perhaps one could say the whole world would like.

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