Italian figurative painter near Bologna

I am an Italian painter who works on commission to create paintings capable of triggering strong emotions. My art is born from my great passion for this work, I love painting different realities in the world through shapes and colors that evoke deep and personal feelings.

Each of my paintings is the result of careful observation and study of the customer’s needs, I make myself available for paintings of:

  • People and family members
  • Children
  • Pets
  • Landscapes
  • Memories and moments

The project starts with an in-depth consultation with the client, during which we explore his ideas and expectations together. During my work I send constant feedback to understand how to proceed.

Whether it is a portrait, a landscape or a certain scene or memory, my main objective is to capture the essence of the subject and transmit it onto the canvas in an authentic, original and creative way.

Italian painter for commissioned paintingsItalian figurative painter near Bologna

If you are looking for a highly experienced painter for a personal painting, I am the best choice for you.

I mainly paint with the oil technique, which allows me to obtain different colours, shades and tones, creating works that vibrate with life and feeling. Every single brushstroke is designed to contribute to the overall harmony of the painting, enhancing the details and giving depth to the images.

Collaboration with the client is a fundamental basis for me to create unique and personal works of art, which speak directly to the heart of those who observe them.

Competence, passion and maximum professionalism have always been the main characteristics that represent and distinguish me, making me a high-level painter for the representation of personal paintings on commission.

My main aim is to create works that not only decorate a simple space, but tell a story, arousing strong emotions, touching the soul.

I am ready to transform your ideas into creative and unique artistic realities.

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