Italian painter oil technique for commission in Milan

Art for me represents much more than a simple job, but a great passion that represents me and allows me to create creative and emotional paintings for numerous clients. I work mainly on commission, creating personal paintings using mainly the oil technique.

After many years of experience and a long journey in the sector, I am able to best manage the requests and desires of customers, creating paintings of people, pets, moments and memories.

Working on commission allows me to collaborate directly with clients to understand their visions and ideas and transform them into tangible works of art. During my work I constantly keep the client updated with regular feedback, so as to ensure a unique painting capable of surprising and exciting.

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Italian painter for commissioned paintings in Milan


The oil technique is my favorite for its versatility and its ability to capture the richness of colors and depth of shades. I use high-quality pigments and a variety of brushes to create works that stand out for their intrinsic beauty and visual impact.

Each painting I create is a unique and original work of art, characterized by a combination of technical skill and artistic sensitivity. I am committed to conveying authentic emotions and creating works that are valuable and meaningful for the client.

I am grateful to be able to dedicate my life to my passion and to be able to share my love of art with others. Every painting I create is the result of an intense and passionate creative process, it makes me happy to be able to bring joy and emotions through my work as a figurative painter.

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