Italian painter with oil technique for commissions in Florence

I am an Italian painter specialized in creating personal commissioned paintings using the oil technique. My main goal is to capture the essence and unique atmosphere of each subject or moment I paint, trying to evoke strong emotions in the eyes of observers.

After many years of activity I am able to manage every customer request in the best possible way, transforming wishes into reality on canvas. I have been working on commission for years and I am ready to paint:

  • People
  • Family members
  • Animals
  • Moments
  • Memories
  • Landscapes

My work always stands out for the great attention to detail, the mastery and creativity allow me to convey strong emotions through colors and shapes. Each painting is a unique and original work of art, tailor-made to satisfy the needs and tastes of theItalian painter with oil technique for commissions in Florence customer.

Italian painter for personal painting in Florence

I paint each painting using the oil technique, which allows me to obtain unique results from every point of view; both in terms of depth, brightness and shades. I use high quality pigments and a variety of brushes to create works that stand out for their beauty and durability over time.

Working on commission means working closely with the client to understand their preferences, tastes and vision for the painting. Through exchanges of ideas, drafts and proposals, I try to fully grasp the client’s expectations and transform them into an artistic masterpiece that exceeds their expectations. During my work I update the client with constant feedback to understand the approval of the painting.

My experience and passion for art allow me to tackle a wide range of subjects and styles, from portraiture to still life, from landscape to abstract. Whatever the theme chosen, I strive to make each painting unique and meaningful, adding my personal touch and artistic sensitivity.

Trust my expertise for a personal painting, created with oil technique.

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