II Edition of the Italian Art Festival 2020, Selvino (BG)

Aug 24, 2020 | Exhibitions

On 16th August 2020 the Phaos Cultural Association organised the second edition of the Italian Art festival, an art competition dedicated to all the “plain air” artists along the streets of the centre of Selvino, a splendid village on the Selvino Aviatico plateau at 1000 metres above sea level.

A total of 42 artists took part in the initiative, despite the threats of bad weather and the necessary restrictions of this particular year. The winners, selected by a jury of critics, experts in the art sector and representatives of the institutions, will exhibit their works in local, national and international exhibitions, in collaboration with the Ducale gallery.

The critical jury was formed by Maestro Carlo Previtali, President, Prof. Mariangela Tintori, Prof. Giuseppe Previtali of the University of Bergamo and Mario Vitali, Councillor for Culture, Sport and Leisure of Selvino.

The eclectic Venezuelan artist Magaly Arocha Rivas took fifth place, with the work “Picardia in clausura”, obtaining the opportunity to take part in an international exhibition.

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