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Magaly Jacqueline Arocha was born in Caracas in 1968. She lived in the roar of Greater Caracas. She changes house and neighborhood several times and each time it is a new experience which almost immediately makes her understand that travel and change will be an integral part of her life.

10 December 2020

New service on request!

If you want to make a special gift then you are in the right place! If you have a photo that you would like to turn into a unique painting, please write me:

I can paint a portrait in oil or acrylic or mixed technique, you choose!

How does it work? Simple and easy

You send me a good quality photo and I start drawing. As I gradually make progress I’ll update you with video and photos to get your feedback about the work.

You have a photo and would like to turn it into a portrait but you don’t like the background? Not a problem, I’ll take care of it! I can add colour, change the context, insert other objects and that’s it!

My mission is to create emotion with my paintings. I put all the sensitivity and feeling in every portrait, in order to capture the expression and convey through my art all the affection towards the people you love, your pet, the objects of the heart. Customer satisfaction becomes an absolute priority to me.

Satisfied customers say about me

Carolina (@el_sombrero_de_carito) digital creator talks about his experience with me
I created this painting according to the requests of the clients and within the required time frame. I liked the subject, it gave me peace, a lived life, full, concrete, complete. I am happy with the result. I changed the background, I gave some colour, I personalised the environment!

If you want your special day to last forever then make it a piece of art! I’ll take care of everything

Each painting / portrait will be delivered with its Art Rights certificate of authenticity (the first Italian platform to support the management and certification of works of art)

Why is it important to have it?

The document guarantees the originality of the work, excluding the possibility of coming across copies or counterfeits

What information does the Certificate of Authenticity that I will deliver to you along with your work contain?

High-resolution color image of the work

Title of the work

Year it was painted


The type of work, whether multiple or original

Artist’s signature

Declaration that the information released is true

Signature of the document

Family portraits, children, your favourite pet, a happy moment, an important object, an evocative setting and whatever you want to fix in an eternal moment.

Give art as a gift!


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