From Beatrice to Cecilia with the eyes of tomorrow

Dec 12, 2021 | Exhibitions

On the occasion of17th Contemporary Art Day sponsored by AMACI (Association of Italian Contemporary Art Museums), the exhibition “From Beatrice to Cecilia with the eyes of tomorrow” was inaugurated on 11 December 2021

The exhibition intends to look at the most important muses of Italian culture (Beatrice for Dante and the women portrayed by Leonardo) to observe the current female figure. 

Marking 700 years since the death of Dante Alighieri and to honor the city of Milan through one of its important exponents such as Leonardo da Vinci, it was decided to make protagonists some women who have made their name eternal.

Beatrice, Dante’s muse and guide in the Paradise of the Divine Comedy and Cecilia Gallerani, known as the “Lady with an Ermine”, made immortal by the talented hands of Leonardo. 

In a thin thread between past and present,the 15 selected artists, including Magaly Arocha Rivas, tell what women represent on a daily basis.

In “Evanescenza” Magaly   wanted to play with mystery, with the light that imagines the gaze and reveals its interiority, while the sensuality of the back enhances the exteriority of the Woman. She immersed her in nature to represent the link of continuity between Nature and Humanity, more true and real if a Woman.

The downward gaze must not deceive, it is not submission or acceptance, but rather it is superiority; it is the woman/nature who observes from above and carefully evaluates the surrounding world but does not end up judging it. It is the gaze turned towards those who “… their eyes don’t dare to look”

And let’s imagine that our Woman, immersed in Nature, in apparent “evanescence” hides “her lips from which a sweet spirit full of love seems to move, saying to the soul: Sighs”

Tomorrow and the future are revealed thanks to the choice of a totally online exhibition that can be used for free on the platform

The exhibition was conceived and organized by the historian Michele Fiore and the artshare Elisabetta Roncatti.

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