“Burrito” (2020), oil on canvas (spatula technique), 40×50.

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“When they approached Jerusalem, toward Bephane and Bethany, by the Mount of Olives, [Gesù] [Jesus] sent two of his disciples and said to them, “Go into the village before you, and entering it you will find a donkey tied up, which no one has ever ridden. Untie the donkey and bring it to me. And if someone asks you, “Why are you doing this,” answer, “the Lord needs it, but He will send it back here at once.” […] They led the little donkey to Jesus, they covered its back with their cloaks, and Jesus mounted on it”. Gospel of Mark

This painting was born at Christmas 2019, because I was looking for a figure to symbolize this period of the year, so important for many Christian peoples. And he came to mind: the action, “burrito” in Spanish!

An animal considered lazy, stubborn, obstinate; but this common feeling does not correspond to reality.

The Bible, in fact, tells us much about donkey’s intelligence, sweetness and humility. This animal was one of the few witnesses of the birth of Jesus and was ridden by Jesus when he entered Jerusalem.

Today donkeys are essential in the world’s poorest and inaccessible lands, where they are used for transporting people and goods and working in the fields. Also in the Occident people are rediscovering the docility, the cleanliness and the good attitude towards man of this funny animal.

I wanted to pay homage to the donkey and at the same time apply a new technique: the use of the spatula. I had fun and I think the result is very nice . What do you think?