“Colores del paraíso”


“Colores del paraíso” (2020), acrylic on canvas, 60×80

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There are three things left of Heaven: the stars, flowers and children.


March 2020

I am a woman, I am Venezuelan, I am a figurative painter who loves to portray nature. I paint flowers because they are the expression of beauty and purity.

I painted this strelitzia, also known as the flower of paradise, because in days of crisis I want colours around me.

In this period I feel the nostalgia for my land. I have lived in Italy for many years. Here I find myself quite well but I always think about my land.

This flower takes me to the Caribbean. Whenever I can, I use flowers in my studio. During the isolation I couldn’t buy flowers, so I simply painted them. Painting flowers is relaxing. You can play with shapes, with shades: it’s liberating. Then, once the painting is ready, you hang it in an anonymous corner and it suddenly comes to life.

These last few weeks I’ve been resting the oil paints. . And I started experimenting again with acrylic colours: more immediate. In fact, I use them when I want to let my imagination go and express myself freely.