L’altra me


L’altra me (2022), oil on canvas, 80×8



Living in oneself is a rather simple concept for many, but particularly complicated for someone like me who is a “twin”.

Twins live in symbiosis, they think in unison, they are enough and do not look for others, they are depersonalized in the personality of the other.

There comes a time, however, when it is necessary to go away to find oneself or to put it another way to re-inhabit oneself, regaining one’s uniqueness, personality, vision of the world, life values, aspirations, goals, but also dreams and illusions.

With difficulty I learned to live in my new space, without you, but looking into your eyes I know that you too are my home…

The other me is my twin sister, Janet, and through her I explore the ability to accept each other, to know how to feel good and to love each other always and in any case: the change starts with us