Natalia (2020), oil and acrylic on canvas (mixed technique), 60×80



“Who sees the human face correctly? The photographer, the mirror, or the painter?” Pablo Picasso

The pose, elegance, pride and femininity of this woman, one of my favourite dancers, Natalia Osipova, impressed me; the red of her jacket in contrast with the blue of the background, her endless and muscular legs, seduced my hand and I painted her.

In this period I dedicate myself to the figure. I think I am a bit of an anarchist painter and I was suggested to specialize in only one type of subjects to simplify my definition of brand…

I confess that at the beginning it was not easy, so occasionally I break the rules and change subjects.

The inspiring muse is Natalia Osipova, the dancer of the Royal Ballet photographed by Rick Guest.