“Natura morta” natura viva, viva la vida


“Natura morta” natura viva, viva la vida (2019) oil on canvas 20×20 (each one)



I wanted to pay homage to everyday life, to the essential objects that can be in our hands or in the kitchen, things that would seem static but are alive, because they feed us. The colour gives the objects their own life as if they try to come out of the painting. Even an inanimate dish can acquire a special dynamism when you fill it with food, when you depict it with coloured brushstrokes.

The artist who paints a ‘still life’ is therefore accepting a challenge: he portrays a flower or a fruit destined to die and thus makes it eternal. His skill consists in deceiving us, making us appear as real and alive inanimate objects and dead beings.

With this painting I tell you that this genre suspended between pictorial tradition and pop photography is still capable of transmitting emotion.