Picara Yanomami


[Series Exodus], (2023), oil on canvas, 50×40 cm



“Picara Yanomami” is a work that captures a painful reality: the pain and tragedy that afflicts young Yanomami children and their people due to food scarcity, malnutrition, and a series of abuses resulting from illegal miners’ invasion of in vast areas of the Amazon rainforest.

Yanomami children are victims of a food crisis affecting them at a rate 191 times higher than the national average, both in Brazil and Venezuela.

Unfortunately, this suffering does not concern children only; it also affects adults who face a terrible reality caused by hunger, disease, widespread violence, including murders and rapes

as well as alcohol reach which is constantly threatening their lives.

The Yanomami community, consisting of approximately thirty thousand people, is facing one of the worst humanitarian crises among indigenous peoples.

This work, along with others in the “Exodus” collection, plays a crucial role in spreading this painful truth and urging a change of conscience.

Art is a powerful tool for promoting awareness and justice, contributing to positive change, and raising a voice in defense of the Yanomami and all peoples on every continent facing similar challenges.