We are


(2022) . Oil, acrylic, piastre on canvas. 1,40 x 1,80

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We are almost 31 million, 51.3% of the Italian population.

Of these, 4 million and 698 thousand are minors (15.2% of the total)

We study more than men:

57.1% of graduates and 55.4% of those enrolled in a university course in the last year are women

53.1% graduate in progress, against 48.2% of men;
and the average degree mark is 103.7 for us and 101.9 for men.

Yet this is not enough to have an equal position on the labor market:

women who work are less than men and, above all, it is difficult for them to hold positions of responsibility.

Out of 100 working female graduates, 14.1 are entrepreneurs or freelancers, and 18.4 are executives or managers, while for men the percentage is 24.8% and 25.2%, respectively.

These data inspired this painting of mine because we are on the threshold of 2022 and there is still too much inequality, too much to do to guarantee a future for young women.

We risk losing our country’s talented daughters who will try to establish themselves far from here: a risk we must not run.