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Magaly Jacqueline Arocha was born in Caracas in 1968. She lived in the roar of Greater Caracas. She changes house and neighborhood several times and each time it is a new experience which almost immediately makes her understand that travel and change will be an integral part of her life.

29 May 2021

Today with the help of this article I will tell you about my atelier, my special place. Oh yes indeed, because I settled my art studio in our “old” dining room.

In my family we don’t use the dining room that much since we have a fairly spacious kitchen and that’s why I got ahold of this magical corner.

It is spacious and bright: it has a large window and a balcony. We have wooden floors and in winter I use Persian rugs (really colorful) because I really like them. Contrary to what you might think, they don’t cause me any problems because I can roll them up and make a real mess with brushes and acrylic colors, without any worry.

Wooden floors…


I love rugs (Vittorio, not much…) and in winter I spread them everywhere, bright bursts of colors and geometric patterns that inspire me.

In the morning as soon as I get in I open the doors and let the light come in. There is a wooden table that little by little has acquired a sense of life, of used, because it has been stained with paint, oils and drops of acrylic paint. Even if I try to be careful, it is almost inevitable that it will get stained.

My work table …


I support myself on this table to do the calculations when I have to make a large painting and I don’t want to make mistakes in the proportions. I also have a desk that I bought when I was working in Naples. It is a design table that I love and that can also be opened and with that I can double its size.

Not only manual skills, but also technology

The desk houses my newly purchased MacBook (it was Vittorio’s Christmas present). As artists we have to do a lot of promotion and updating work on social media and that is why we have to divide ourselves between creative activity and desktop activity.

Mac Book and Iphone but also flowers ….

Then there is my beloved easel, nice and comfortable: it has drawers to put the solvents, the palette and the tubes of oil paint.

I can adjust the height and move it according to my needs. I always work in standing position. I don’t use chairs. I learned to draw while standing and that is why the easel is essential for me.

My beloved easel…


There is a balcony with a splendid view of the center of Bologna, my garden and the sky.

We are very lucky to live in the Bolognese hills. It is a quiet place, with a lot of vegetation and beautiful villas. When we want to see a bit of confusion, we just take a walk and in about fifteen minutes we are in Piazza Nettuno, the heart of the city.

I love this view and find the ever-changing colors and shapes of the clouds to be a great inspiration, as is the surrounding greenery that changes with the seasons.

Having two windows allows me to move according to the time of day, letting my paintings dry, while I work on others.

I always have flowers in my studio.

Flowers change with the seasons but they are always there …


There are many of my paintings both on the walls and on the floor. But there are also books, Venezuelan crafts, and paintings by other artists.

I also accumulate some recycled materials and magazines because sometimes I find interesting ideas and use them for my collages.

I am always looking for colors, motifs, small inspirations that I can collect, expand and use in my paintings. . But there are elements that I would gladly eliminate: a closet (not because I don’t like it, in fact it’s a family memory) but because I would like to have more space and free walls to hang other paintings and to be able to move more freely.

My art studio is also a gym

With the “lock down” I was forced to train at home. We buy some weights, a bar, the mat, and I do my daily workouts here before I start doing anything else.

Gym area


I like to train because it makes me feel active and in a good mood.

From the description it seems that we live in the Royal Palace of Caserta and instead it is a rented apartment, which we have made our own with many little things that represent us.

And in fact … My dream is to have a bigger and more spacious studio with the possibility of working with sprays and huge canvases, but at the moment I don’t have it and therefore I am grateful for my exclusive corner.


My exclusive corner

What do you think? Do you like it?


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