What should I place at the head of the bed? The pictures to decorate the bedroom.

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29 May 2021

Choosing the right art for the bedroom helps reinforce the overall atmosphere you want to create for that place.

Whether it is the relaxing retreat after a long-hard day, or the nest of passion or the picturesque innocence of a child’s room, the paintings say a lot about us and tell the stories we would like to hear before we fall asleep.

In this article, I present you the possible solutions to decorate with pictures one of the most important rooms in your home: the bedroom.

The power of colors

I was struck by research from the Sleep Center in Edinburgh, based on a study of 2000 houses in the UK, which showed how the color of the bedroom affects the amount of sleep.

The results indicate that the most soporific color is blue, (7h and 52′ of sleep per night). Green and yellow are placed immediately after. Whereas gray and brown are the last ones: sad colors, as my husband likes to call them, colors that attract the most negative thoughts

The key issues for a good sleep are 3:


A blue bedroom is simple but effective; it represents a long pause before continuing to the next day.

Traditional art options for a quiet bedroom include landscapes, garden scenery, botanical images, and ocean views. Or also simple works of graphic art. These types of images convey a feeling of peace and serenity.

A touch of blue is always relaxing …

How do you say? You can add a touch of red, but don’t go overboard! The colors of the paintings and that of the walls must be coordinated, to maintain that feeling of tranquility and calmness. Contrasts, while providing visual interest, will disturb the tranquility you are trying to create.


You can create a sense of passion in the bedroom by installing the right paint. Paintings with deep, intense reds or erotic (but not vulgar) portraits can help create the right mood for lovers.


While playing is most often associated with children’s bedrooms, a playful feeling in a bedroom generally focuses on cute, fun colors and characters that remind us of the innocence of youth.

A slightly more vibrant color and image combination in a traditional bedroom can be very nice.

In the children’s bedrooms it is advisable to use lush and fun colors such as blue, yellow, pink and green, in particular the bright or primary versions (perhaps with a fluorescent touch).

Room with a playful touch

While for teenage rooms, wall art can reflect the personality and interests of young people. If you like music, there is a wide variety of themed wall decorations or animals (horses for example), cars and technology.

A teenager wanting an area that reflects who he is and what is on the walls is probably the most important way to express it, but it can be achieved elegantly by selecting the right paintings.


The concept of escaping means making the bedroom a different “world” in which you can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Escape-focused bedroom art includes scenic photographs, landscape paintings or abstract art that offer a different perspective that helps us get away from it all, it transports us… staying there.

With the right framework we can travel while staying at home …

What kind of paint to choose for the bedroom

There are those who love the figurative, some, the “nudes”, those who prefer landscapes and those who love to have an abstract painting on top of the bed.

It can be said that all kinds of paintings are allowed in the bedroom.

A nude has its own why …

However, I advise against “still lifes” and “battles” or daring and dramatic abstract pieces, which are created with the intention of making the viewer reflect on.

Some time ago I read a book on Feng Shui and I remember that they discourage the use of “aquatic” motifs in the bedroom. Images with turbulent rivers, streams and waterfalls can disturb the harmony of the energies in the room; it is better to use a calm lake or a lagoon.

How to choose the size of the painting? Where to hang them?

Typically a huge painting in a small room will make the bedroom appear even smaller, and a small work on a large wall will be lost.

To find the perfect size, the general rule of thumb is the proportion of 75%. So if the painting is hanging over a bed or dresser, it should be about 75% the size of the piece of furniture.

These guidelines will depend on the height of the ceilings, the height of the head of the bed and the furniture, as well as the height or size of the painting.

But if you use these general rules, you will find a balance that works out.

  • The pieces should hang at eye level. I also made a reel. To see it I also made a reel. To see it
  • Keep frames to a minimum – a gallery canvas works great. We want to focus on the painting itself and not the frame.
No frames in this room!

In the end, you decide what mood you want in your bedroom. Use this article as a guide to help you choose the art that tells that story you want to hear or the journey you want to take before falling asleep. Rules can be broken, but to do it creatively, you need to know them.

Do what makes you feel good!


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