(2021). Tempera, acrylic, plaster, collage on canvas. 60×80



Sometimes being an artist is like being an adventurer. I am always looking for colors, motifs, small inspirations that I can collect, expand and use in my paintings.

Sometimes these come from active research, I might take a nature walk to actively seek inspiration, looking at plant details and leaf shapes.

Sometimes I find it in my daughters. In this latest painting, Chloe, my 11-year-old daughter, was my muse. Seeing her grow up, approaching maturity fills me with mixed emotions.

Especially in times of coronavirus in which teenagers are put to the test: closed at home, limited in relationships with peers and multiplied virtual relationships and hours in front of an Ipad or a PC.

So in this work of mine I wanted to create a steep, rough base, like a wall, using plaster and stencil and a net to represent the environment in which one has to relate.

But I chose fluorescent colors: yellow, green (her favorite color) and red, orange, to create contrast. Here I used the colors that I use for my tropical flowers such as Strelitzia, because my daughter is nature and my desire is that she flourish in the midst of virtual walls and become a healthy and happy adult.

I went beyond my comfort zone: with the use of colors that were new to me and I created a stencil to emphasize the material effect. There are also some phrases in collage: “Inspired by your future” because her and childhood generally inspire my paintings, because to create is to research and interpret the problems of an era with the eyes of the woman and the heart of the mother. .