Let’s reflect on the importance of sisterhood in a broad sense, understood as relationships between women.

We grew up in a system that promotes competition, which presents us with other women as potential adversaries in conquering the “leader of the pack”

Judging other women becomes a way to protect yourself, not to feel inferior to those who seem brighter than us

A happy woman makes you envious, you have to find what’s wrong with her, her weak points

The common enemy is another and the fact that a woman is able to express herself should be everyone’s achievement. But that’s almost never the case

We can and must help each other and rejoice with and for the results of the others, because there is room for all of them and because each one is unique.

Cohesion, collaboration and sharing, seasoned with a lot of creativity: this is what I would like for the female universe.



(2022), oil, plaster and acrylic on canvas, 100×100