[Amazonian Women Series], (2023), Oil, chalk, acrylic, sanguine and gold leaf on canvas. 90×80



I had the privilege of growing up among extraordinary women, from whom I learned so much.

But it is thanks to the indigenous women of the Amazon that I discovered the true meaning of strength and determination.

In this remote corner of the world, the fight for nature, the environment and the dignity of communities has a name: women.

Here, in the heart of the Amazon, indigenous women stood up against the powerful assault of large extractive companies – oil, mining, hydroelectric and forestry – and shouted “enough” to the violations of human rights, the militarization of the territory and the damage inflicted on Pachamama, mother earth.

Despite everything, these courageous women also face patriarchal violence in their homes and territories.

They are often ignored when making land management decisions, and public policies to protect them are practically non-existent.

On the contrary, there are laws that try to stifle their protests, as the political leadership seems more interested in defending extractive resources.

Yet, these women don’t give up. They fight with strength and determination to put an end to the discrimination and violence they suffer.

It is to them, to their immeasurable value, that I dedicate this painting of mine.

Thanks to @amazonfrontlines and @mujeresamazonicas for the inspiration.