“Stupore indio”


“Stupore indio” (2020), Series “The forgotten” 40×50, oil on canvas and paper collage



This painting depicts an indigenous girl from the Yanomami tribe. I was inspired by an image. I used the technique I mostly love: oil on canvas, but I added a touch of collage. In fact, if you look carefully at the painting you may discover a message glued on it…

The setting is at more than 9000 kilometers from Itally, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest (many do not know that it extends between Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Suriname and French Guiana).

For the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, the only way to stay healthy is for the earth to be healthy as well. In fact, in the Quechua language, to wish a good life, we say “allin kawasy”, which indicates the strong bond with nature.

Unfortunately, today this bond between man and nature is being compromised. The Amazon forest is disappearing because of deforestation, arson and illegal trafficking.

The natives are vulnerable. They have few antibodies and with the arrival of COVID 19 (they say that a second strain originated from Manaus) more people are dying because of inefficient health care. Even worse, indigenous tribes are invisible to the authorities.

This painting is part of the “Forgotten Peoples” series that I created in honor of my origins. With this work it I want to make you travel and invite you to look “elsewhere”.

Perhaps this painting could make you ponder on the actual weight the popular “green” words and campaigns really have, while the green heritage of humanity is burning.