[Exodus Series], (2023), oil on canvas, 50×40 cm

Private collection Emilbanca Bologna

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“Symbiosis” is one more way of representing the deep and meaningful connection between indigenous peoples of the Amazon and nature that surrounds them.

This connection serves as a valuable lesson for us in the Western world, where animals are often treated as resources to exploit rather than beings with whom we share a common world.

The indigenous peoples of the Amazon live in symbiosis with nature, taking only what they need for their survival and showing respect and care for the animal world.
When a young animal is orphaned during hunting, they take care of it, demonstrating a profound sense of responsibility toward other living beings with whom they share the land.
This painting invites us to reflect on our distorted relationship with nature, where we often view animals as resources for our consumption or tools for our benefit.
The perception that nature must be conquered or dominated to “civilize” it is deeply rooted in Western culture.
The young girl from the Peruvian Amazon represents our opportunity to change our perspective, to see the world through the eyes of animals, and to understand the need for a new style of coexistence based on mutual respect.
Special thanks to photographer Charlie Hamilton James for inspiring this canvas.