‘O Criatur’


‘O Criatur’, (2022), Oil on canvas, 60×60



This boy is pure light, he seems predestined to lead his people towards redemption and that’s why I wanted to paint him giving him that particular aura, like an angel or a prophet, but the numbers are chilling:

Bangladesh has around 140 billion people;

84% live on less than two dollars a day;

120,000 children per year die in their first month of life;

Infant mortality is 65 per thousand in the first 5 years of life (in Italy 2.75 per thousand, in India 37, while the situation is worse in Sudan, Mali, Central African Republic);

7.5 million children between the ages of 5 and 15 work in the shadow economy;

600,000 children live on the street (about 450,000 in Dhaka, the capital);

They risk of being sold for organs and / or installed for prostitution.

I titled the painting ‘O Criatur’ because in Naples I learned that children are sacred and with this title I want to remember the sacredness of innocence and the need for each of us to do their part to help them become adults.