[Series Exodus], (2023), oil on canvas, 50×40 cm



“7” is the spirituality and magic number, a symbol of completeness that encompasses space, time, and the ever-moving universe.

The number seven also symbolizes change and evolution, serving as a transitional number that connects the divine (represented by number three) with the earthly (represented by number four), reconciling both physical and spiritual nature, human and divine.

In this painting, the girl from the Tiracmbu Awà community in Marahao, Brazilian Amazon, is the emblem of this completeness representing the connection between humanity and divine.

Her presence embodies purity of the soul and the harmonious fusion between earthly and spiritual worlds.

This image choice, inspired by Charlie’s Hamilton James photography, is very significant, as it captures beauty and sacredness of both life and nature in the Amazon.

This painting is an invitation to reflect on our connection with the universe and an opportunity to contemplate the perfection of human nature.