(2023). (2023), Oil, plaster and acrylic on canvas, 80×80



Yanomami (means “We are people”)
They are one of the tribes that inhabit the rainforests and mountains on the border between northern Brazil and southern Venezuela.

They are the guardians of the Amazon forest
Peacefully oppose mining on their lands, not prepared to wage war on gold miners

They have been poisoned and exposed to violent attacks for years.

Many political personalities (both in Brazil and in Venezuela) would like to confine the Yanomami people to a handkerchief of land, to increase mining, farming and colonization: greed, selfishness and stupidity, the evils of the world

The land is their heritage: to cultivate it, to hunt, to live on

They need us to make their situation known, not money

The Yanomami people preserve an extraordinary millenary culture, which must be preserved, together with the pristine nature in which they live in symbiosis.

I dedicated this painting to them

I was inspired by a photo of Riccardo Stucker fascinated like me by this culture