Guardians of the Forest II


[Series Exodus], (2023), oil on canvas, 50×40 cm



“Guardians of the Forest II” is a profound tribute to indigenous women, inheritors of ancestral wisdom and knowledge, as well as the guardians of life itself.

According to their worldview, violence inflicted upon the land is equivalent to violence against femininity, fertility, and all species that depend on it.

These women are real-life heroines. Many of them, like Berta Cáceres and Otilia Martínez Cruz, have sacrificed their lives while fighting against deforestation.

These tragic losses occurred because of armed groups, agribusiness multinational corporations, landowners, and

corrupt government officials, all interested in exploiting forest resources.

“Guardians of the Forest II” celebrates the determination and courage of women in the struggle to preserve not only the forests but life itself.