Essere “artisti…”


Essere “artisti”…(2021). Acrylic, oil, paper, charcoal, pastels on canvas. 40×50



There are times when I need to let go, to let my mind go and experiment with new materials and techniques but I always have to put a touch of my figurative.

There is always that question there: What does it mean to be an artist today?

For me it is conveying beauty in dark times but also making the viewer reflect beyond emotion, there is always the thought behind my works.

Already the thought … that unique and above-the-part characteristic, intrinsic in every artistic work and which objectively (as far as possible) can allow us to enjoy its greatness regardless of our tastes and sensations.

I try to dialogue with the observer, to stimulate their thinking rather than their emotions.

The artist interprets reality, expresses a thought, contributes to forming a conscience.

True art teaches us to have our own ideas, to build a personal critical thinking.