Donna di spalle con foglio 


(2023) Oil and gold leaf on canvas, 90×60 cm





In this painting, a woman with a hidden face looks beyond the frame, holding a piece of paper in her hand: it contains eloquent numbers, representing a disturbing and often obscured picture of gender inequality on a global level.

For every 100 women, there are 101.8 men, yet women continue to fight to be seen, heard and respected – in short, to be recognised.

This work goes beyond visual aesthetics, transforming itself into a message of commitment to the cause of women and freedom.

The subject depicted in the canvas is faceless, to symbolize all those women who live in the shadow of inequalities and to highlight a critical contemporary panorama, where, in some countries, marital rape remains unpunished and there are laws that limit the freedom of movement of women. Shotgun and/or early marriages, genital mutilations, the tragic consequences of lack of access to contraceptives: these are all facts and situations that need to be known and remembered.

Every brushstroke tells a story, every detail reveals the unheard cry of the women who are killed around the world every year, which are around 45 thousand, 5 every hour. In Italy, in 2023, 106 women were killed, 1 every 3 days. In most cases the perpetrator is a member of their family. We are faced with a massacre.

Nina Gualinga, a young indigenous Ecuadorian woman who dedicated her life to the defense of the Sarayaku community and the Amazon land.

The material background is impregnated with different shades of green, yellow and blue which reflect the duality between the fragility of the threatened ecosystem and the indomitable resistance of the women who stand in its defence. At the center of the work, the figure of Nina emerges, portrayed with eyes that emanate wisdom and courage, as well as magnetic beauty.

Nina has dirt on her hands, a symbol of her fight against environmental and social injustice and of her indissoluble connection with the earth. Around her, native plants flourish that recall the unique biodiversity of the Amazon.

The painting captures the transition of a “Guerrera” who transforms from an environmental activist into a leader who promotes solidarity among indigenous women, united in the fight for inclusion. This work is a hymn to the strength of all those women who, like Nina Gualinga, fight to give voice to the oppressed and defend with determination the Earth they expertly call “home”.


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