Close (yourself) to open, and maybe close again. Show yourself fragile. Having a hard time being flexible, adapting to change, being afraid of not being able to evolve.

Few admit it in these times when the hymn to resilience is being made.

Strange times. We have been in seclusion and many have suffered from it. They broke … inside

There has been such an effort to adapt to that situation that today returning ‘to life as before’ can be just as difficult.

This painting wants to tell you: “you are not alone”.

You too are like this dancer who closes in on herself and needs time, concentration to “recover” and then flourish again.

To paint the dress I was inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe’s painting, White Flower No.1

Because after a long period of waiting, of “I’ll think about it tomorrow”, I too want to flourish again, as a woman, painter, mother, wife.



Schiudersi…(2021) oil on canvas, 80×60