In my “Evanescenza” I wanted to play with the mystery, with the light that imagines the gaze and reveals its interiority, while the sensuality of the back enhances the exterior of the Woman. I immersed her in nature to represent the link of continuity between Nature and humanity, more true and real if a Woman.

Looking down must not deceive, it is not submission or acceptance, but rather it is superiority, it is the woman / nature who observes from above and carefully evaluates the surrounding world but does not end up judging it. It is the gaze turned towards those who “… their eyes don’t dare to look”

And let’s imagine that our Woman, immersed in Nature, in apparent “evanescence” hides “her lips from which a sweet spirit full of love seems to move, saying to the soul: Sighs”



Evanescenza (2020), plaster, oil, acrylic on canvas, 40×30