Manuela e Maria Luisa


[Serie “Oltre il Doppio”] (2024) One of Three. Oil on canvas, 70×50

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Manuela, on the left side of the canvas, is an insurance agent with her gaze turned towards the future, dreaming of unleashing her passion for sports once she reaches her well-deserved retirement To the right, her twin Maria Luisa: a therapist and reflexologist, a curious and profound soul, always ready to explore the subtle nuances of life.

These two women are the beating heart of the third triptych in the ‘Oltre il doppio’ series, an ode to the identity and complexity of the human being. The deep bond that unites them is evident in their closed-eye gaze, with tender and conspiratorial expressions, conveying a palpable connection that embraces the joys and challenges of their existence

The celestial, blurred, and textured background further enhances these two mature and powerful female figures, who have borne the weight of the comparisons society usually attributes to twins but have found comfort in differentiation and mutual understanding

Throughout the painting series Oltre il doppio, the artist has transformed the lives of Manuela and Maria Luisa, along with those of other twin pairs, as well as her own experience as a twin, into an engaging visual narrative that explores, also through video interviews, all those feelings tied to the need to stand out while maintaining connection with others


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