Musa ribelle


Musa ribelle (2020). Acrylic, oil, plaster, collage on canvas, 40×50.



My last latest painting of 2020! I dedicated it to my daughter Sara, my rebellious muse. She is twenty years old, she studies marketing in Rome and every time she leaves, I feel very sad.

So, after the Christmas holidays, as soon as she left, I started painting creating this portrait. I worked with a plaster base, acrylic paints and collage. The photo was in black and white, so let your imagination run wild!

For her face, instead, I chose to use oil. The clippings are phrases I got from the newspapers, which in my opinion represent her: strength, femininity, determination, her desire to be noticed and listened to… Her questions about the future, her hopes. But also her doubts and insecurities.

My daughter often says that she would like to change her nose, her mouth… The nose is too crooked, lips not protruding, eyes too downward.

I see her beauty accentuated by her imperfections. And I would very much like you to like it as it is.