Jane e io


[Serie “Oltre il Doppio”] (2024) “Two of Three.” Sanguine, oil stick, and oil on canvas, 70×50.

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In the second painting of the second triptych of “Beyond the Double,” Jane emerges in profile with a serious gaze that seems to transcend the horizon, while the artist withdraws in front of her, just a step back, slightly blurred. The profiles intertwine, noses and mouths touch in an enigmatic play of shapes, like part of an intricate puzzle destined to fit perfectly into the background of subtle and delicately natural hues.

“Our story paints a portrait of unique bonds that transcend the boundaries of conventions. Since childhood, we have shared not only toys and spaces, but also the challenges and joys of life,” declares the artist.

Each brushstroke in this series tells of unique personalities, distances that do not break bonds, of a love that withstands time and distance.

Often twins are perceived as interchangeable by teachers, friends, and relatives: through the painting series “Oltre il doppio” Arocha Rivas aims to challenge these stereotypes and shed light on the beauty of diversity and the importance of being considered and recognized individually.


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