I am Warao


[Series Exodus], (2023), oil on canvas, 50×40 cm



“I am Warao” is a work that captures the profound connection between the Warao people and nature.

From childhood, Waraos learn to recognize every type of plant in the forest and how to use them for food, crafting, fuel, and medicine.

The forest itself is their open-air pharmacy, providing the foundation for indigenous healthcare. Yet, what they transmit goes beyond botanical knowledge; they also share a culture of respect for nature, offering opportunities for self-sufficiency.

This knowledge is passed down from generation to generation, and Warao parents teach their children through fables and legends about the origins of elements and the symbiotic bond between humanity and nature.

They teach respectful love for Pachamama, Mother Earth, to be honored and thanked every day for all her generous gifts.

This fourth painting in the “Exodus” series is a sincere tribute to the Warao people, a celebration of their millennia-old knowledge, and a call to preserve and respect the deep connection between humanity and nature.

Special thanks to photographer and artist Luis Flores Delgado for the photographic inspiration that contributed to this painting.