I miei bambini [Serie “I dimenticati”]


“I miei bambini” [Serie I dimenticati] (2021) Oil on canvas (60×80)



I decided to paint these children after reading the Unicef report (2020). The choice of subjects was not accidental. I was struck by some data

📌617 million children and adolescents worldwide are unable to achieve minimum proficiency in reading and math, even if they attend school.

📌 1 in 5 children of school age does not access education.

📌27 million children in conflict zones are out of school. 211 million minors work.

With the series of the forgotten ones, to which this latest painting of mine is added, I want to bring to light situations that escape us every day or that we do not want to see.

Today’s children and teenagers will be the adults of tomorrow and we can’t lose sight of their situation. They must be guaranteed an education.

The children in the photo are students from a school in Suriname, in the Brokopondo district, where Lake Blommestein is located, which supplies about 50% of the country’s electricity.

These are children who, despite the Covid crisis, managed to attend school. But as the pandemic continues, they are put to the test due to a lack of links and tools for DAD.

Their teeth aren’t beautiful, yet they smile happily, they don’t judge. They look hopeful.

I painted them making their trust shine, so that it never fades from their innocent faces. It’s up to us not to disappoint them.

Data is important. They must be disseminated. Also for a personal exercise: being grateful for what you have and complaining less.