Jane e io


[Serie “Oltre il Doppio”] (2024) Three of Three. Oil leaf and oil on canvas, 70×50

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In the third painting by Jane and me, (“Jane e io”) the artist expresses the essence of nature through the green of the leaves and the vibrant background. The artwork depicts the artist and her twin sister Jane, bent over their knees and smiling, gazing towards the viewer. A floor mirror partially reflects the two women, serving as a metaphor for the exploration of the deep and complex bond between twins and the journey from shared identity to the awareness of one’s own uniqueness.

At the beginning of their lives, twins live in symbiosis, creating a unique world that is difficult to share with others: they reflect each other like two sides of a mirror, sharing experiences and moments However, as they age, they develop an awareness of individuality that allows them to distinguish themselves and embrace their differences. In the painting, the two sisters, therefore, no longer see themselves as identical reflections, but as distinct individuals who share a deep and enduring bond.


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