Natura autunnale


Natura autunnale (2021), oil on canvas, 40×30



The autumn months offer artists the opportunity to consider the idea of transition and decay (to be reborn), together with constancy and abundance.

The outside world offers rich golds, reds, yellows and browns that are a gift to a painter and define his palette.

Autumn begins with the gain and ends with the apparent, momentary loss. This duality has found its place in this small canvas.

A simple composition:

The plump and shiny pumpkins represent the prosperity of the harvest.

But also fertility. It is no coincidence that an Indochinese myth tells that when the earth was destroyed by a flood, a brother and sister got married and gave birth to a pumpkin and its seeds were the origin of the human race.

The dry leaf recalls the inevitable withering, the necessary rest in the face of winter.

This work of mine is a hymn of abundance and contentment. A still life that honors life.