Picardía … in clausura


Picardía … in clausura (2020) olio su tela, 60x80x2cm



Picardía … in clausura

Despite the har times and my difficulties in staying focused, I managed to finish this painting.

Apparently in times of global pandemic many think that artists must represent the emergency or interpret it. For now, I chose to finish what I started before quarantine.

In this painting the Royal Ballet prima, Olivia Cowley, one of my favorite muses is depicted in a narrow space, with no real background; the figure is as if enclosed, compressed in a box, recalling the closure of theaters and the impossibility of expressing this art. But the dancer has an ironic and forceful look and communicates that in an instant she will start dancing again, giving voice to wonderful dances again.

This painting was exhibited at the Art Festival in Selvino (BG), Lombardy, on Sunday 16 August 2020. Allowing the artist to rank among the top five artists (there were 42) thus obtaining the possibility of participating in an international exhibition.

He was also exiled at the Arttime gallery, Udine in the collective exhibition “I inspire by creating, I create by inspiring…” from 2 to 15 October 2020.