Senza Patria II


“Senza Patria II” (2020) acrylic on canvas, 80×100



This painting is part of a diptych. I wanted to resume the figure of the child of the first painting (Senza Patria) this time, though, in solitude, in seclusion. A child looking out of a window or balcony.

A bewildered, amazed, frightened look … In search of the invisible, microscopic enemy. Trying to understand why this Covid-19 threatens us …

I think of our scared children locked in the house, perceiving their parents’ tension. Children hear the comments, watch the news, sense our anxiety.

Infants have never experienced anything like this. The idea of not going to school anymore and being on vacation has turned into the reality of being trapped at home without any of their friends.

As the days go by, kids get more nervous and anxious due to the current many restrictions. Therefore, we just have to show them even more love and patience than we did before. Maybe by breaking the homework routine, hugging them and pampering them a little.

Don’t worry about them falling behind with the schoolwork. All of them are living the same experience and will recover on return.

In the end, our children’s mental and emotional health will be more important than their academic skills. And what they will have done in these days will remain in their memories, certainly not the tasks performed.

In the child’s eyes, the question stays the same: when everything will be gone, will we feel better?