Tribute to Diego Velazquez. Venere allo specchio


Oil painting on canvas 2 canvases 30×40



Lately I have been asking myself the question: “How can you become a better painter?”

When I started studying, I admit that I didn’t like doing the studies of the great Masters.

It seemed to me that I was copying and that once I finished my painting it never looked exactly like the original painting.

However, I now believe that doing so is extremely important in developing your style.

This time I chose Diego Velazquez

He presents us with an intimate scene, observed almost secretly …

The back of Diego Velasquez’s “Venus in the mirror” in all its soft sensuality

I wanted to pay homage to the Master through study. I chose this figure because the back fascinates me.

It is that part that you cannot see yourself, that you leave to others.

It is as if the view from the back could tell the most hidden emotions: mystery, expectation, loneliness.

By paying this tribute my eye trained to see the details of the figure and to use color in a different way.

I analyzed how the artist approached the light on this subject.