Tribute to Michelangelo. L’Aurora (2021)


Acrylic, sanguine, charcoal and pencils on canvas 50×50



Michelangelo Buonarroti, has always been one of the masters who inspired me, he is able to portray the human body in motion with all the muscles and tendons.

It is as if the sculptor Michelangelo had wanted to free the figures that lay asleep inside from the marble.

In his works there is always the energy, the tension, due to his continuous search for self-overcoming and dissatisfaction. In his works there is always an anxiety about one’s limit.

In recent months I have also reflected on the passage of time and on human destiny, and on how much while we persecute riches, we do not realize that time is the greatest wealth we have.

This is why my tribute started with a detail of the Aurora from the tomb of Lorenzo de ‘Medici (Florence). I chose a detail of the beginning of the day, the female figure, the dawn.