Omaggio a Matisse


Omaggio a Matisse (2017) oil on canvas, 30×40



«What interests me most is not the still life, nor the landscape, but the figure. The figure allows me much more than other themes to express the feeling, let’s say religious, that I have about life.” Henri Matisse .

Magaly realizes her passion for the human figure in this homage to Henri Matisse’s “La Coiffeur” (1901). This is the first important painting of Matisse, in which he draws his wife while she is combing hair in front of a mirror. Hair has a long but little known history in art, dating back to Titian, which links the similarity of its texture and composition to the hair of a brush. The subject, as always, must be art, which means that the female nude in front of the mirror represents the artist in front of his painting, which is represented inside the painting as the mirror on the wall. Mirrors often represent paintings, partly because they are a centuries-old metaphor for the surface of the mind and partly because if each painter paints himself, each painting must reflect the artist.