“Voglia di colore e di luce…”


“Voglia di colore e di luce…” (2020), oil on canvas, (Mixed spatula technique), 40×50



“Colors, like features, follow changes in emotions.” Pablo Picasso

March 2020 (Times of Covid 19)

Gone are the large canvases. My daughter Cloe asked me for a colorful painting… Here is the result. A dancer who practices alone on the terrace of her house and enjoys the sun.

I liked this image because it reflects what we are experiencing in these stay-at-home days… Enhance the light, the warmth of the sun, listen to the silence, listen to each other… and then it also occurred to me that there doesn’t seem to be enough time to do everything…

After painting large paintings (60×80) this became a challenge and not even simple and I asked myself: Who said that small paintings are less challenging?