Oil, acrylic, pastels, leaves on canvas, 80×60



This work is dedicated to all women who are the “equilibrists” of society. Single women, married women, mothers, daughters, workers, freelancers, professionals, housewives.

I thought of them while I was painting this dancer. In fact, women are – necessarily – flexible.

According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2020 (the statistical study that every year takes stock of gender disparities) in Italy still less than one in two women works.

The wage difference between men and women of equal levels and jobs in 2019 stood at 7.4% (from 8.8 the previous year). And the more women study, the wider the gap: if a male graduate earns 32.6% more than a high school graduate, a graduate earns only 14.3% more than a high school graduate.

Situation that has worsened with Covid. In fact, of the 444 thousand fewer workers (December 2020) than in December 2019, 312 thousand were women.

I imagine them like this dancer: flexible and light but also determined.

The background is yellow, surrounded by nature, an inexhaustible source of energy, a place of rest and introspection to find balance … feminine!