Warao (Exodus series)


Warao (2023), oil painting on canvas, 40×50



In Latin America there is a humanitarian crisis on which the spotlights of the world are not turned on: the one that pushes Venezuelans to leave their country en masse.

They are fleeing not because of persecution or war, but because of record high inflation (official data speak of an annual rate of 157%), food shortages, public insecurity, lack of health care, violation of human rights

In terms of size, Venezuela is the second wave of migration in the world after that of Syria: 7.13 million citizens seek refuge in other countries

The warao, the “people of the canoes”, of the Orinoco delta, have joined this exodus: they flee to Brazil where they face integration difficulties because they do not know the language or the culture.

I dedicated this first painting of a new series to the warao children

Thanks to my nephew Andriuw Flores Rivas for inspiring this painting with his images