“Zadie” (March 2020), acrylic on canvas, 30×40



This is Zadie Smith, an English writer. I haven’t read her books. The latest one published in Italy, “Zadie Smith Grand Union”, maybe I will buy it… who knows. But I read an interview with her and she really caught me. She described herself as an insecure and introverted person who curiously demands attention through her novels. She also has a great sense of resilience, she imagines herself in other people’s shoes , in addition to a strong critical spirit that keeps her away from the social media.

I saw her picture and I kept it. Then I decided to draw a portrait of her. I like her appearance: her Jamaican origins, her personality, the way she actually looks proud of the woman she is. Yes, she is accepting herself, and that’s not taken for granted today.

In this painting I played with brushstrokes and colours. It is not completely uniform, just like my state of mind in these days of isolation, in which I have a desire for colour, little desire for rules, a strong desire for freedom…